The Litelantes & Samael Aun Weor Christian-Gnostic Institution

"We must exert great efforts in the law of great service. We must seek the fertile work in the Great Work of the Father. We must seek the means to become more and more useful to this wretched, suffering humanity. This is better than coveting internal titles, initiations, esoteric degrees, and planetary kingdoms.” V. M. Samael Aun Weor —The Major Mysteries

To liberate yourself from anguish, nervous tension, unhappiness and suffering in order to achieve inner peace, tranquility, interior illumination, awaken your consciousness and have communication with your resplendent internal Christ.

The Christian-Gnostic Church respects all religions, avoids fanaticism and emphasizes on what unites religions without differences. We look for the synthesis of all great religions of this humanity.

We study both eastern and western wisdom.

Truly the wisdom we study is universal.

"The founder Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor stated, “All religions are precious pearls strung on the golden thread of divinity.”

We strive to achieve the self-improvement of oneself in all the aspect of life. This includes having family harmony, eliminating the elements in our minds that make us unhappy and the individual’s sexual correction.

We consider that the school of life is the most important above all. We are here in this world to learn how to live. Titles, diplomas, great intellectual achievements are not needed.

All you need for these studies is a good heart and good will.

The Christian-Gnostic Church postulates that the human being has in itself all the elements necessary for achieving the intimate self-realization of our Being and achieving harmony with nature and the universe.

VM Litelantes

As part of our activities...

...We provide lectures and practices on the following:

  • Praying and Adoration
  • Buddhist and Christian Meditation (they complement each other perfectly)
  • The Individual’s Sexual Correction (transcendental sexuality)
  • Sacred Teachings and Ancient Cultures of Humanity
  • Sacred practices of ancient Aztecs, Mayans, Nordics, Greeks, Egyptians, Tibetan’s Lamas, etc…
  • Astral Experiences and other Dimensions
  • Practices with the elementals, from many nature kingdoms.
  • The Revolution of the Consciousness (Christ conscience).
  • Life and Death mystery.
  • Each public conference is accompanied by a practice.

The time to be theorizing is over brothers. Terrible things are approaching humanity and it is important that we are ready.” (Lecture – Matter, Energy, and Mantras)

Gnosis contains the Secret Science of the Sufi’s, the Dancing Dervishes, the Secret Doctrine of Buddhism,Taoism and the Sacred Magic of the Nordic’s. Gnosis contains the wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Quetzalcoatl, etc...

The doctrine of the Christ is the same Gnosis. Humanity needs to return to the point of origin, return to the Christian Gnosis of the great hierophant Jesus the Christ, we need to return to the primitive Christianity.

“The doctrine of Jesus the Christ is the same teachings from the doctrine of the Nazarenes, Peratae, etc...”

The doctrine of Jesus the Christ contains, Essential Yoga, Tibetan Magic, Practical Buddhism, Hermitic Science, etc.

Gnosis contains all ancient wisdom. We joyfully deliver the teachings of the Christian-Gnostic Church which contains the essential keys in order to initiate us on the path that leads us to our intimate self-realization of our Being.

Since the mid-twentieth century the illustrious Masters of the Great White Lodge, Master Samael Aun Weor and Master Litelantes founded the Gnostic institutions and our Church, sister to the institution, The Litelantes & Samael Aun Weor Christian-Gnostic Church. This non-profit association continues their extraordinary spiritual legacy.

We must emphasize of the points that unite us and forget the differences. We should exclaim, “Religions of the world, Lets Unite!”

The Masters of the Great White Lodge invite us to achieve inner and external peace instead of wars and disputes between men and their religions

VM Samael Aun Weor